Former Valve Writer Has Big Ambitions With Stray Bombay Debut Title

Valve lost a big writer a few years ago. Chet Faliszek took his leave from Valve after working on several hits such as Left 4 Dead, Half-Life 2 and Portal. However, his departure from Valve didn’t mean his exit from the video game industry. Instead, the developer eventually found his way in crafting his studio with another fellow video game industry veteran, Kimberly Voll. Kimberly was known for her work at Riot Games but now the duo has decided to craft up Stray Bombay. 

We don’t know just what the studio has in-store for us first and in the past, the studio has confirmed to be going dark as they develop. With that said a new update was given out to the public by Chet Faliszek as he was present at Reboot Develop Conference. It looks like the studio is working on a first-person network shooter. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any details about the game but was instead highlighted for the AI technology attached to the matchmaking process.

We’re still a bit curious as to how it will work exactly, but from the sound of it, Stray Bombay will be able to track how players interact with each other. As a result, the game should be able to pin some players together or even rack up the difficulty if they continue to get good runs. While we didn’t get any game details about the game itself, there will apparently be defined characters for players to take control of so it seems that we won’t have access to make any real adjustments to the characters or loadouts. 

Matches are also said to be about thirty minutes long so there is likely some type of objective. Still, with so much focus on making an intelligent matchmaking service, we are curious just what new AI efforts were put into the gameplay of Stray Bombay’s debut video game title. Only time will tell and it’s likely a game we won’t see unveiled until next year at this point.

Source: VG247