Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gunfight Will Have Much-Needed Update

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is new out into the market and while fans worldwide are enjoying the latest Call of Duty installment, there may be some issues players are beginning to notice. One of the more popular and new game modes to hit the installment is Gunfight. It’s a 2v2 game mode where players are forced to battle against the opposing team throughout select rounds. There is one issue that fans may have started to notice that could cause the development studio Infinity Ward, to really start working on a new update.

Gunfight is a massive hit and while it can put players on edge just from the fact that you’re in a 2v2 situation, the intensity jumps knowing that the loadouts are random. Well, the loadouts are random to an extent. One player has started to notice that the loadouts are on a loop and you can feel that the randomness of Gunfight is a bit lost. 

That may soon change after the player took to Reddit to chime in his discover. User Jimladd116 took to Reddit and shared his findings when an Infinity Ward member took to the thread and stated that there will be changes in the future and that we may soon see more random attributes added into the game after it has been updated.

As a result, players should find Gunfight to go back as its intended purpose which is a skill-based game mode where you’ll have to rely on adapting to the elements dealt with you at the start of each match.

Source: Reddit