Sony Dropping Servers For Select PlayStation 4 Exclusives

The PlayStation 4 is nearing the end of its life cycle which is a bit hard to believe. Originally launched back in 2013, Sony is preparing for its next console platform release, the PlayStation 5 and it’s said to be launching in the holiday season of 2020. We’re getting close to its release so it’s not surprising to hear that some games will soon be dropped in terms of server support. It was recently that Sony announced two PlayStation 4 video game exclusives would be dropped shortly.

The two titles that are being dropped in 2020 are Singstar and Driveclub. Both may not have been the most highly played video game titles as of late but for those that still log on and enjoy the two games may feel a bit bummed out. Singstar is said to have its server dropped on January 31, 2020, and Driveclub will follow shortly after on March 31, 2020. Both titles may soon have a spike in players as the chance to enjoy these games online will soon come to an end.

With that said, there are still offline game modes that will be available so if you’re still a fan of let’s say Singstar then you can enjoy the offline gameplay and digital songs that have been purchased. Likewise, the same is available for the Driveclub title with its various offline game modes and single-player content.

We imagine the more popular PlayStation 4 video game titles will still have servers running well into the PlayStation 5 console launch. With that said, you’ll likely find additional smaller titles being dropped as we head into the upcoming year.

Source: PlayStation