Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games 2020 Launch Trailer Released, Watch Here

Nintendo has released a new launch trailer for one of their highly anticipated titles of 2019 — Mario & Sonic at the 2020 Olympic Games.

The new trailer is a blend of live-action and in-game action and showcases what players can expect from the game if they decide to pick up the game. Known for a slew of party games to choose from, Mario & Sonic at the 2020 Olympic Games manages to up the antics a couple of notches.

In the trailer, we see some of the Olympic games that will be featured in the game such as surfing, track, ping pong, soccer, swimming, and much more. With the launch trailer only being 30 seconds, viewers don’t have much time to see the game in action, but with the few seconds we do have, players can see what the game is all about.

This game will probably be best for those who like couch co-op games or those who have a lot of friends, as that’s probably where all the fun is.

Check out the official launch trailer for Mario & Sonic 2020 Olympic Games down below:

Mario & Sonic at the 2020 Olympic Games is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Are you excited about the latest entry in the long-running series? Excited for the 2020 Olympics? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube