Is Guerrilla Games Now Developing Horizon Zero Dawn 2?

There are a ton of great PlayStation 4 exclusive video game titles. This generation there is nothing but exclusives to enjoy on the system that you can’t get anywhere else and one of those is Horizon Zero Dawn. The video game released back in 2017 and it followed a future in which humanity took a giant step backward. Tribes roam the land as they fight off large mechanical beasts which were built years ago. It’s quite the narrative adventure set in an open world environment. It’s easily one of the video game titles to pick up if you’re new into the PlayStation 4 platform as well.

Developed by Guerrilla Games, there is a ton of positive reviews online from both fans and critics alike. With such a positive reception and a commercial hit, there is no wondering if Guerrilla Games would be making a sequel but rather when it would finally hit the market. As we approach the end of the year, a new job listing post was discovered that could indicate that development is ramping up over at the studio.

Reported by DualShockers, it appears that Guerrilla Games is bringing out a few job opening positions that range in a variety of areas. As expected, the job listings don’t come right out and say that the studio is seeking developers to work on the next installment of Horizon Zero Dawn. But, with the studio coming off a commercial hit and the PlayStation 5 inbound for the holiday season of 2020, it wouldn’t be a stretch to see the studio work on a Horizon Zero Dawn 2 for the next-generation platform. 

Regardless, for those that may not have received the chance to try Horizon Zero Dawn and would like a bit more insight as to what the game entails then, we suggest looking at our Before You Buy episode upload. In this series, we give you our impressions of the game while showcasing some gameplay. 

Source: DualShockers