BioWare May Have Dragon Age News Coming Next Month

BioWare may have a bad run lately. Mass Effect: Andromeda was a letdown originally when it launched back in 2017 and the studio’s latest IP release, Anthem, has not hit the expectations that many fans held when going into the title. With that said, there was some concern if this would eventually lead to the development studio closure by EA. While there have been comments before that there is no intention of closing down BioWare, fans are still likely going into the new game installments with some slight hesitation. 

Still, we do know that the studio does have a new installment in the works that has plenty of fans already and that’s of course Dragon Age. The fourth installment to Dragon Age has been confirmed to be in development already, but little to no real news has been released as to what we can expect from the studio quite yet. That may soon change as BioWare sent out a tweet that suggests we could get some Dragon Age 4 news next month.

It’s already surpassed the tenth anniversary, but Dragon Age fans are already making down December 4, 2019, as the Dragon Age day. Now it looks like fans won’t be the only ones celebrating all things Dragon Age as BioWare announced that they would be celebrating with fans next month. What’s got people talking is that BioWare makes a note to call it Dragon 4ge Day, which again, indicates that something is coming out next month in regards to Dragon Age 4.

While we may not get the actual game for a few years, having some new concrete details about Dragon Age 4 will certainly keep the fan base talking among each other in anticipation of its release. Still, we’re interested in seeing just what exactly BioWare has in-mind, so we’ll have to keep a lookout for the official news next month.

Source: Twitter