New Diablo Immortal Trailer Footage Unveils New Areas, Classes & More

If you recall the announcement of Diablo Immortal, the video game was hit with a ton of flack. There were plenty of fans of Diablo already ready to rip the game to shreds which caught Blizzard off guard. It was likely because there was plenty of anticipation that we would see an announcement regarding a Diablo 4, but that was reserved for this latest BlizzCon event. Despite the hate, Blizzard is still pushing on with Diablo Immortal and today we got a new trailer to check on the game’s progress.

Diablo 4 may very well be front and center with Diablo fans, but now that we do know a fourth installment is in the works, perhaps there won’t be too many stones thrown at Diablo Immortal. You may have gone through BlizzCon without taking much or any notice of Diablo Immortal, but the new trailer gives some new updates in terms of the development process overall. With the trailer, players get a look at some gameplay, a new class known as Demon Hunter, along with some combat mechanics. For instance, it looks like players will have an Ultimate Ability option for each character. 

Outside of that, it does appear to be a Diablo game you would be familiar with if you enjoyed the previous mainline installments. The big take away here is that there is still no release date attached to this project quite yet. Diablo Immortal already received a ton of hate just from its initial announcement. It’s not surprising to see Blizzard wanting to take their time with development and nail down the overall gameplay mechanics for smartphones. Likewise, there is a push to deliver a game that will be around for years to come. For now, you can take look at the trailer posted above.

Source: YouTube