God of War Director Would Love To See A PC Port

When it comes to video game platforms, one of the key selling points for several generations is the exclusives that would release for each system. However, this current generation has seen some previously exclusive titles launch on the PC platform. For instance, Microsoft had made it to where their Xbox One exclusives would release on the Windows 10 platform, but you can argue that it makes sense with Microsoft owning both the Xbox brand and the Windows operating system. Still, we saw the previously Sony exclusive titles from Quantum Break release on PC and most recently, Death Stranding announced for a PC port coming next year

Despite this, there are still Sony first-party developers who likely are being reserved for developing video game titles exclusively for the PlayStation brand. Still, there are certainly fans who would like to see some of the exclusive hits come to a PC platform as well with one fan reaching out to Cory Barlog. If you’re not familiar with the name, Cory Barlog is the game director behind God of War, a Sony PlayStation 4 exclusive that was a massive hit. One fan reached out to Cory in hopes to get some insight on if a God of War video game title port would be in the works on PC.

Cory Barlog responded positively as he admitted that there would be plenty of excitement on his end to release a PC port. However, the decision is up to Sony officials as they are the ones who own the IP. We’re doubtful if PC ports of the game are released as it would give some incentive to steer away from actually purchasing a PlayStation console. With that said, PlayStation Now has been adding a rotating catalog of PlayStation 4 titles and that is available on PC so there is a slight workaround to this problem, but don’t expect new releases up on the service quite yet. 

With so many fans interested in PC ports, perhaps this could lead Sony to work on future PC releases down the road. That would be an interesting move, but its purely speculative right now. Would you like to see Sony open up their exclusives to the PC platform?

Source: Twitter