Rumor: Nintendo Will Be Bringing 3DS Franchises To Nintendo Switch Platform

The Nintendo Switch is a massively popular Nintendo hybrid console. It’s launched into the market as the successor of a failure console platform, the Nintendo Wii U and luckily for Nintendo, fans were quick to adopt the system into their collection. However, there may be some new life in terms of Nintendo 3DS video game titles. A new report that has come out online suggests that Nintendo is looking to open up the 3DS library of video game titles for the Nintendo Switch.

A journalist for the Wall Street Journal has made mention through their official Twitter account that Nintendo did very well in terms of a number of sales with the Nintendo Switch Lite. If you’re not familiar with that version of this Nintendo platform, players would essentially receive the Nintendo Switch that is made to be completely portable. Ultimately, fans would not be able to dock their system to play on a television monitor, nor would they have the ability to detach the joy-con controllers. Still, coming in at a discount over the full version of a Nintendo Switch, there’s likely a good chance that the Nintendo Switch Lite will continue to be a big-ticket number throughout the holiday season. 

As a result, we may see Nintendo open up the 3DS library of video game titles for the Nintendo Switch. This report was made on Twitter where WSJ author, Takashi Mochizuki claims that Nintendo is encouraging the development of Nintendo 3DS Pokemon titles to the Nintendo Switch. This could give a chance for developers to further bring out an already established IP on the Nintendo 3DS but bank on newcomers who may pick up the video game purely due to the fact it’s on the Nintendo Switch.

Regardless, there’s no real way of knowing just how successful this move would be until Nintendo pulls it off. Would you be interested in a Nintendo 3DS collection going to the Nintendo Switch and if that’s the case, do you believe Nintendo would make some titles a Nintendo Switch Lite exclusive?

Source: Twitter