The First Full Trailer For The Witcher Series Launches Tomorrow

The Witcher gained some widespread attention from CD Projekt Red. Adapting a novel series, the development studio crafted a video game trilogy that follows a fantasy story filled with beasts, adventure, love along with being in a setting filled with deep lore. After three major hits, CD Projekt Red moved on to craft their next main video game project, Cyberpunk 2077. Still, there is a new group of fans of The Witcher series thanks to CD Projekt Red and it’s even sparked the production of a Netflix original television series.

This production is looking pretty impressive, but those that were hoping to see a direct adaptation from the video game will be disappointed. Instead, the production is making its adaptation from the source material novels. As a result, you’ll likely see some differences from the video games, but the overall narrative will likely be featured.

So far, we only got a small teaser of the series for the Netflix original, but those that are wanting a bit more on the series then you’ll have to wait until tomorrow. October 31, 2019, is the date which the new trailer will officially drop and we’ll likely get a bit more insight into the direction the show takes compared to the video games. Likewise, perhaps we’ll get an official release date to when this show will hit Netflix. For now, you can take a look at the small teaser that was posted originally along with the official tweet.

Source: Twitter