CD Projekt Red Now Offering E3 2019 Jacket For Purchase

Easily one of the most anticipated video game titles launching in 2020 is CD Projekt Red’s upcoming Cyberpunk 2077. The video game is a big hit already and it has yet to launch into the market. It’s no surprise that there are plenty eager to try the title out after the success of The Witcher trilogy. However, what really is driving the game is the ambitions the developers are putting into the game along with the footage shown off so far.

During E3 2019, those that were media and attended were given access to a closed-door session with the game. It’s during this session that they was gifted a free jacket that was quick to be desired by the general public. As a result, those that tossed the jacket up online through online retailers such as eBay made quite a bit of profit. Now you can avoid going the route of resellers looking to profit on those that were not fortunate enough to make E3 or the media exclusive event.

Announced through the official Cyberpunk Twitter account, those that wish to purchase the samurai style jacket can do so online. It will cost you $98.00 with an additional $11.00 in shipping. The bomber jacket has a few embroidered patches along with the samurai skull logo on the back. There seems to be plenty of jackets in stock and variations for those that desire a male or female design.

Source: Twitter, PlayStation LifeStyle