Sony Sends Out Another Firmware Update For PS Vita

The PlayStation Vita was the successor of the PlayStation Portable and while Sony had made several big improvements to the hardware it wasn’t a massive success within the Western markets. With the likes of the Nintendo Switch being available, the PlayStation Vita is something most will forget about. However, for those who still own a unit, you’ll find that there will be a new firmware update readily available if you wish to install it.

This may be a surprise as the PlayStation Vita was discontinued back in 2019, but today you can get a firmware update to version 3.73. It’s an update that is also not specifically released to combat the exploit methods of the portable console platform. Instead, this update will bring players a system performance update. Furthermore, this update will be available for the PlayStation TV so you’ll have a better overall performing system.

With that said, if you were hoping to keep an exploited unit then this firmware update will void that. At any rate, it’s a nice little incentive to dust off your PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV and enjoy some of the platforms once again. We want to hear from you on the matter. Do you own a PlayStation Vita and if so are you keeping it official or have you already exploited the platform?

Source: PlayStation LifeStyle, Sony Interactive Entertainment