Modder Adds 70 New Missions For Grand Theft Auto V

When it comes to Grand Theft Auto V, there’s no getting around that Rockstar Games hit some really big strides. It was a massively popular video game title and one that is still actively enjoyed today. With such a big open world to explore and a compelling story that keeps you playing until the end, chances are you’re not quite done exploring Los Santos. Unfortunately, Rockstar Games didn’t provide gamers with any offline single-player DLC expansions but instead opted to focus on the online component, Grand Theft Auto Online.

For some, the lack of single-player content is quite hampering. As a result, there are countless mods online that offers new content to enjoy within Los Santos offline. One of the new mods that we’re finding out about is the alebal3 missions pack, which is a mod that is being tweaked over the past year. Overall, this mod brings in new mission content for players to go through so if you’re not fond of replaying the same game over again but don’t feel like dropping Grand Theft Auto V then this may provide something more substantial to enjoy.

There is a total of 70 missions to play through. They will feature all sorts of quests that will follow not only the three main characters, Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, but other side characters as well such as Jimmy, Tracy, Wade, and Lamar. This mod is also bringing in new content each update so while it may have started out with just ten missions originally, there seems to be a bump of ten new missions with each following update. 

With this being a mod, you’ll have to add it into the game unofficially which you can follow the guide on how to do so right here. We’re certainly impressed by how many missions this modder was able to provide so far and perhaps he will continue going for the foreseeable future. 

Source: PC Gamer, 5Mods