Sony Releases New The Last of Us Remastered Trailer

The Last of Us was a massive hit from development studio Naughty Dog. This video game was released originally on the PlayStation 3 but was later remastered for a launch on the PlayStation 4. Now that we are gearing up for its sequel, The Last of Us Part II, those that missed out on the first game may want to go back and give it a try. Likewise, those that may have played the game already but want a refresher, you can enjoy the video game right now through PS Plus. 

Likely to be one of the biggest video game exclusives to launch for the PlayStation 4 is The Last of Us Part II. The game is set several years after the events of the first installment where we can pick back up in the world and follow the characters we’ve come to love from the original game. Now a new trailer was released for the past game which gives a small recap of what happened in the title. 

With that said, The Last of Us is a fantastic survival action-adventure game that is well worth playing. There is plenty of time between now and the launch of its sequel which you can go back and try the game out for yourself. In fact, for those that subscribe to PlayStation Plus, you can enjoy the game for free. This is likely a means to continue building up the hype of Naughty Dog’s upcoming video game, but in case you haven’t already caught the trailer, you can watch it in full within the video posted above. Likewise, below is a gallery of the upcoming sequel which is slated to launch on February 21, 2020, for the PlayStation 4. 

Source: YouTube