Nintendo Files For New Nintendo Switch Lite Revision 

The Nintendo Switch has been a popular video game console hybrid that left plenty of fans flocking to the stores to secure a unit. Fast forward a couple years and Nintendo opts to deliver a new revision model of the Nintendo Switch. Called the Nintendo Switch Lite, players who want a more portable version of the Nintendo Switch at a discount may find that the Nintendo Switch Lite version may be their best option to run with. With that said, there are some issues that both versions are dealing with and that’s the joy-con drift.

If you own the Nintendo Switch then chances are you’ve encountered this problem. The Nintendo joy-con drift is a problem in which a joystick registers a movement randomly. For instance, you may be racing in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe when all of the sudden the control movement locks up and causes your character to crash into a barrier or fly off the roadway. As a result, this issue is easily one of the most frustrating problems Nintendo Switch owners have been dealing with.

The upside to this is that for Nintendo Switch users, the problem can be fixed simply by purchasing a single side of the joy-con. Nintendo sells units either with both joy-cons or with a single joy-con side. Alternatively, Nintendo will repair the broken unit for no cost, but that may take a couple of weeks of waiting. 

When the Nintendo Switch Lite released, there was some quick concern if the same joy-con drift would follow. Unfortunately, there is plenty of reports online to suggest our worst fears come true for this portable-only console unit. The problem here is that users can’t simply just replace a joy-con like the standard Nintendo Switch as both sides are permanently placed on the console. Now a new report was found through FCC filings that Nintendo is bringing out a new Nintendo Switch Lite version. Nothing is known about this upcoming version though it speculated that this could be a focus revision to deal with any potential joy-con drift. 

For now, we have to wait and see just what Nintendo decides to unveil. With that said, it may come as a heavy blow to those that went out and purchased a Nintendo Switch Lite already. After all, the console version is only a week old which means there is a ton of units available and eager fans along with parents who may be eyeing the unit for a gift to their children this upcoming holiday season. 

Source: FCC, Gamerant