Driveclub Runs at 30 fps/1080p Resolution, New Gameplay Videos

In response to fan questions about Driveclub, Evolution studios confirmed on their Facebook page that the racing title runs at 30 frames per second at a 1080p resolution.

After E3, Evolution Studios hoped Driveclub could reach the 60 fps threshold, but their efforts proved ineffective. The studio explained that Driveclub won't run at 60 fps, but instead opt for better "authentic and dynamic lighting" systems.

As proof of Driveclub's visual improvements, a short video below takes viewers to Norway and drifts around in the Spyker Cars C8 Aileron. Three other videos found within the same album head to locations such as India and Scotland. To compare visuals, Evolution Studios jumps into the Audi R8 to show off its day-and-night cycle.

Evolution Studios boringly planned to launch Driveclub alongside the PlayStation 4, but instead delayed it into early 2014.