Don’t Write Borderlands 3 On Nintendo Switch Off Just Yet

When it comes to the Nintendo Switch, the platform has been doing rather well to get plenty of third-party support. It was a problem for the Nintendo Wii U, so when the Nintendo Switch released, Nintendo wanted to get as many big titles released to the platform as possible rather than passing the console hybrid up. Now that doesn’t mean that every game released was going to see a Nintendo Switch platform release, but things have been looking positive. One of the latest big released into the market, Borderlands 3, has been hinted on the Nintendo Switch for a good while now though there is no official confirmation of a port being in the works yet.

If you were wanting to take your Borderlands 3 experience on-the-go then you may have the opportunity for the Nintendo Switch. The development studio, Gearbox Software has talked about the game on this hybrid platform before. Still, nothing has been confirmed but it was recently brought back up in conversation. 

During an interview on YouTube the creative director behind Borderlands 3, Paul Sage, was asked if the game would see a release on the Nintendo Switch. While Paul Sage didn’t confirm anything, he stated never say never. This could be a good indicator that there is something in the works, but it’s not quite time to make any official statements on the matter. Still, this is good news as it’s not an outright no right now so there’s the hope we’ll get the mobile Nintendo Switch version sooner or later. 

Even if the Nintendo Switch version doesn’t release, there is a Google Stadia port planned which would essentially allow players to stream the video game on mobile devices. That, of course, prompts a few obstacles for users of Google Stadia will have to deal with such as bandwidth and their internet speeds. Regardless, the game can be enjoyed right now on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms. 

Source: Gamerant, YouTube