We Now Know How Much Epic Games Paid For Control Exclusivity

When it comes to the Epic Games Store, there is a big push back from fans who hate the fact that Epic Games is offering deals to secure exclusivity on the platform for PC players. These deals are oftentimes limited to a duration of time, but those that were hoping to get a video game title on the PC platform through the likes of Steam will find themselves waiting over a year before it reaches the client otherwise they can simply download the opposing client and register an Epic Games Store account.  

There’s plenty of features Epic Games have to catch up on to compete with Steam, but at the base of it all, players can still purchase and store their video game purchases. Likewise, another incentive to keep players back on the Epic Games Store platform is the free weekly titles, with this week being six Batman video games. All players have to do is redeem their copies and they will be available forever.

Going back to the exclusive deals, we don’t usually find out just how much a company makes to bring their game to the Epic Games Store platform. That’s not the case for Control, a recent Remedy Entertainment release. A financial report made by DigitalBros, the parent company of 505 Games and publisher behind Control has stated that Epic Games paid $10.45 million for the exclusivity of Control. This is quite a hefty sum of money and it gives the Control video game a great start prior before it even releases into the market.

This, of course, is just for Control and likely other dollar amounts are being thrown around for exclusive deals when it comes to select video game titles. However, we’re uncertain if those deals will ever become public.

Source: DigitalBros, Twitter