Dino Crisis Fan Remake Delivers New Gameplay Trailer

You’ve likely heard of the Dino Crisis franchise. It was developed by Capcom and essentially it was another survival-horror title much like Resident Evil. However, unlike Resident Evil, the main antagonist of this game series was dinosaurs which may sound a bit wacky on paper to compare it with Resident Evil, but this series had a pretty decent following. It’s been years since we’ve seen Capcom touch the video game franchise and there was some hope over the past few years in particular that the development studio would go back and release the game as a remake for fans much like how they handled Resident Evil and the more recent release of Resident Evil 2.

After years went by with Capcom not unveiling that any production has begun for a Dino Crisis remake, reboot or a new entry, a small team of fans decided to take it upon their own hands to deliver a remake to the original installment. The group known as Team Arklay has been working on this Dino Crisis remake and slowly started showing some scenery along with footage of the overall level designs. Honestly, the work put in so far has looked rather nice but we’ve been waiting to see some actual gameplay footage.

That wait ends today as we’re discovering a new video upload from the Team Arklay showcasing a small snippet of gameplay featuring combat with the various dinosaurs. Unfortunately, these fan projects take a long time before they make it into the marketplace and most often they are killed off by the IP owners. In this case, there doesn’t appear to be any word from the team that Capcom has reached out to stop their Dino Crisis remake so development has continued on. Even if this production was killed off, we’ve seen fans continue on and release a game after reworking everything that directly attaches itself to the original game property. 

Source: YouTube