Days Gone New Game Plus Mode Now Available

We’ve reported on it earlier this month but starting today players can jump on Days Gone and enjoy the New Game Plus mode. This is a PlayStation 4 exclusive that came out earlier within the year from the development team SIE Bend Studio. While the game had a bit of a rocky reception with the critics, fans have thoroughly enjoyed the zombie post-apocalyptic adventure in a barren world to explore, factions to establish work with and a few narrative campaigns to get lost within.

However, if you played the game completely and are looking for a reason to jump back into this world then the studio just gave you one. Days Gone officially has the New Game Plus mode available right now which will allow players to restart their game and keep all of the experience, weapons, bike upgrades, NERO boosters, skills, recipes, encampment trust, credits, and collectibles. It’s worth pointing out that in order to get the New Game Plus mode, players will need to complete the storyline “I’m Never Giving Up” which is the overall main quest.

Outside of the campaign New Game Plus mode, SIE Bend Studio is bringing in two new difficulty options which are Hard II and Survival II. Both will bring in a greater challenge than before, but it will also add more trophies for players to collect. Don’t own a copy of Days Gone yet? Feel free to check out our Before You Buy video coverage of the game posted above where we give you some gameplay along with our overall thoughts and impressions of the title.

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