Epic Games Store Teasing Batman Games For Next Free Title Release

Epic Games Store received a ton of flack online when it first launched and started gathering as many exclusives as they possibly could. As a result, there was plenty of upset PC gamers who were hoping to get certain video game titles on the Steam platform. While there is still a big struggle against Epic Games Store’s deals and attempts to gather exclusives, there is at least one incentive to use the Epic Games Store platform and that’s the free weekly video game titles.

Each week within 2019 Epic Games is providing players with a free video game title or two. All players need is to download the software and register a free account. From there, when a new free video game title is provided by Epic Games, players can claim their copy which will be available for free anytime they wish to install and enjoy the game. This week the video game title is Conarium which is a Lovecraftian game but while the week usually includes a reveal of what video game is coming out next, this week it’s still a slight mystery.

We only have an image which showcases some Batman photos that seem to range from the Telltale Game, the Arkham series and even the Lego Batman titles. Unfortunately, it’s not known if we are getting a plethora of Batman video game titles to enjoy or potentially one of these games from the image. For now, it’s going to be a guessing game, but we’ll, of course, keep tabs on the Epic Games Store platform in hopes more is revealed.

Source: Epic Games Store