BioWare Teases Several Big Projects Are In The Works

When it comes to BioWare, the development studio has a long-running track record for their video game titles. Their latest, may not hit the strides that most gamers had expected from it, but that’s not slowing BioWare down from pressing on with other video game titles. With that said, it’s also not stopping the development team from tweaking Anthem to get it just right for players. A new update on the official BioWare blog has given some insight on what’s currently going on over at the development headquarters.

Casey Hudson from Bioware has made a few statements to update players on what’s currently going on over on their end. For starters, we know that Anthem is still not where gamers want it to really be and Casey did note that they are still working on this game with hopes of seeing it grow and evolve, but it’s going to take some time on their end so you may have to wait with for a little while.

Star Wars: The Old Republic, a game that can you may have forgotten about with all the hype surrounding the upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order title coming out later this year, but BioWare is working on an update known as Onslaught that is coming out in the fall. This will reportedly take players to new planets along with providing players with a new itemization system.

We have several other big projects in the works.  I wish I could tell you more about them, but they’re mostly super-secret right now.  I can say however that one of our projects has a large and growing team in Edmonton working through pre-production, and based on the progress I’m seeing, I can confirm that indeed the Dread Wolf rises

Lastly, the other focus in terms of video game projects came in the form of something a little vaguer. BioWare noted that the studios under their umbrella have several projects in the works. It’s being kept under a tight lid right now but they are constantly growing though one of which is a nod towards the Dragons Age franchise. Likely, we won’t see anything major announced until E3 2020, but we at least know that the studio is working on a rather robust collection of titles at the moment.

Source: BioWare