Sony Is Making Some Gorgeous Covers For The Only On PlayStation Collection

Sony is no stranger of giving select video game titles a new run at a discounted price. These are releases for past launched video games that oftentimes come packed with the DLC already and at a discounted price. As a result, players can enjoy some of the best video game titles released without fetching over the standard full price tag plus the additional costs to get the DLC. A new lineup was announced from Sony and it’s called the Only On PlayStation collection.

Sony hand-picked a selection of video game titles that they felt defined the PlayStation 4 so far and with the console on its way out the doors for the next-generation release, it may continue to only be these ten video game titles. What’s so special about these games is that they will come at a discounted price and will feature a pretty gorgeous minimalism artwork for their covers.

Only On PlayStation

Currently, this collection only seems to be available through GAME in the UK but we’re sure that there are plenty of gamers who wouldn’t mind adding these covers into their collection.

Source: TSA