You Don’t Have To Be A Gamer To Enjoy Death Stranding

When it comes to Hideo Kojima’s first debut video game title under his very own studio, Kojima Productions, there has been plenty of questions tossed his way. The famed worldwide renown developer has a tendency of teasing his work and offering limited cryptic trailers. These of course help increase the hype of what to expect, but the latest Death Stranding confirmation comes through in the form of a Twitter post. While the development team is currently hard at work in order to deliver fans the new game IP, it’s not just fans of video games who will be able to enjoy it.

Hideo Kojima is making sure that even the most inexperienced player will be able to enjoy the video game. This will come in the form of the game difficult known as Very Easy which will be a step down for players that need the extra hand on going through the game. Whether you never played a game before, or are more fond of the easy-going walking simulator type video games, Death Stranding will make sure you’ll have the ability to go through the title without any problems.

Death Stranding Gamescom 2019 Presentation

There’s a good chance that consumers may pick the game up from the actors featured within the title. For instance, the leading protagonist is portrayed by Norman Reedus, a big name with a massive following. However, if you don’t care for the actors per se that’s in the game but just want a tough and challenging title to play then you’re still in luck. Other difficulties will be available to crank up the challenge and give players a real fight on their hands.

Of course, if this game proves to be a big hit and gains the attention to consumers who may not have really considered playing video games, would it be a wise decision for other development studios to offer a more user-friendly experience? Everyone starts somewhere and playing video games doesn’t need to be a complex media to enjoy so it’s pretty nice to see Hideo Kojima think ahead to those who may not be very skilled at gaming. As for when you can get the video game itself, Death Stranding is currently set to launch on November 8, 2019.

Source: Push Square, Twitter