Is Nintendo Getting Ready To Announce The “Wii Fit 2” for Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Wii Fit was kind of a failed product. Essentially, it was a board that you stood on to mimic certain movements. Overall, the idea for the product was to get people in shape and staying active. However, the design never really went any further after the Nintendo Wii U but it does look a new form of the Nintendo Wii Fit style gameplay is inbound. This is due to a new teaser trailer for an upcoming peripheral from Nintendo.

Just yesterday Nintendo held a Direct presentation that covered several upcoming video game titles slated to launch this year. For instance, we’ve learned that Banjo-Kazooie was finally put into Super Smash Bros along with the news of the first twenty SNES titles to be added onto the Nintendo Switch platform. However, what was missing was any type of new peripheral device that players could use. Now a new video has just uploaded online that showcases two objects, one that straps to that hold a Joy-Con and another that is strapped to a bendable wheel. This trailer doesn’t detail what exactly we’re looking at but instead offers some glimpses of actors using the device, mimicking gameplay.

It’s a short teaser and its quickly making it’s round online, but the biggest guess we can give is that this is another active-style game component that Nintendo attempted with the Wii Fit. We’re uncertain just what type of video game titles will be compatible, seemingly, it looks as if this is something that will only work with a specific dedicated game product or potential products released for the Nintendo Switch. At any rate, check out the teaser above and give us your guesses as to what we’re looking at.

Source: YouTube