Get Terrified With The Latest Negative Atmosphere Trailer

Did you enjoy the original Dead Space video game title from Visceral Games? The studio crafted up a horror title set in space, but after a couple of installments, EA decided to shut the studio down and we haven’t seen the franchise since. That was until a clearly inspired development studio known as Sunscorched Studios decided to bring out an upcoming title known as Negative Atmosphere. Today a new trailer has been released giving potential players a frightening look and overall tone of this game.

This is a third-person survival horror game that takes place on a space vessel during a mystery epidemic. Now victims have turned into something heinous and players find that the protagonist, a former Canadian Space Pioneer named Samuel Edwards, is left all alone. Edwards must take the ship back over if he hopes to survive though it seems that the further player ventures deeper into the ship then the more hostile these creatures get. 

“Experience a desperate fight for survival in Negative Atmosphere, a 3rd person survival horror set aboard the gargantuan space faring vessel the Rusanov. A mysterious epidemic has overwhelmed the ship and transformed the confines into a nightmarish hell-scape, its cause unknown. 

Among the victims of the plague, including the ship’s malfunctioning and afflicted artificial intelligence’s is a doctor by the name of Samuel Edwards. Edwards is one of few survivors of the tragedy; an ex Canadian Space Pioneers regimental medic with a grim past of campaign service. You will need to navigate through an increasingly hostile and desolate ship environment where resources are scarce, ammo is limited and the only way to heal yourself is with your own two hands- so don’t lose them!”

At the moment, there is no word on when this game will be releasing in the market but you can expect the title to release on the PC platform. For now, you can check out the latest trailer for Negative Atmosphere above along with a gallery for the game below.

Source: Bloody Disgusting