Nintendo Switch Lite Trailer Hypes Up The Launch This Month 

Nintendo is getting ready to launch the latest console version of their latest console-hybrid, the Nintendo Switch Lite. Unlike the original launch of the Nintendo Switch, this particular version drops the ability to connect to a television display which makes this just a standard portable handheld, which will likely phase out the Nintendo 3DS lineup completely. Now that the Nintendo Switch Lite is getting close to releasing into the market, you should know the difference between the standard Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Recently, Nintendo launched a new trailer for the Nintendo Switch Lite to further hype up and alert potential adopters of this upcoming Nintendo Switch edition. Overall, there are a few notable differences between the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite, but depending on your needs, the Nintendo Switch Lite may prove to be the device for you. 

For those who opt to purchase the Nintendo Switch Lite, you’ll find that the system will come with a smaller 5.5” display with the loss of being able to dock the system in order to play video games on your home television display. Likewise, there’s the drop of having detachable Joy-Cons which may potentially be the biggest issue here. The original Joy-Cons released for the standard Nintendo Switch came with a flaw that resulted in gamers having to send in their Joy-Cons to be fixed or purchase brand new Joy-Cons. Because this system has yet to release, there’s no telling if this issue will become a problem and just how easy it will be to fix the issue. On the flip side, because Nintendo is aware of the Joy-Con issue, there’s likely a good chance that the company fixed the issue for the Nintendo Switch Lite. 

As it stands, the Nintendo Switch Lite will be launching on September 20, 2019, for a total of $199.99 which is a discount compared to a brand new standard Nintendo Switch. 

Source: YouTube