GameStop Knocks The PlayStation Classic Down To $20

There is no shortage of hate delivered to Sony with their failed Sony PlayStation Classic. There was a big trend releasing classic edition for video game consoles and its still something we’re seeing more companies deliver today. While most of these classic edition consoles did fairly well the PlayStation Classic was a massive letdown for gamers. It’s leaving plenty of units in storage with retailers attempting to move the consoles out of their store and hopefully in the hands of consumers. The latest big deal is GameStop as they drop the price down to just $19.99.

When the PlayStation Classic was first announced, there was plenty of excitement. While the miniaturized PlayStation would come in at $99.99, it was bound to have plenty of incredible video game titles that owners would look back and remember fondly right? Unfortunately, that’s not what we got. Most found the games to be included to be lacking several big hitters.

The problems don’t end with just the lackluster video game collection. This console had a poorly designed UI and the controllers included were the original PlayStation gamepads. That’s right we’re referring the OG controllers that didn’t come with the analog controls making some gameplay just a bit too stiff to deal with. As a result, the console was quickly filling bargain bins in retailers with price drops steadily spiraling downwards. 

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Now the once $99.99 hyped console will only run you $19.99 at GameStop, but now some may find that to still be even too expensive. For others, maybe dishing out $19.99 to show off a neat shelf decor for their collection is worth it. At any rate, if you’ve been waiting for the console to drop then now is your chance. 

Source: GameStop, VG247