Epic Games Store Reveals Next Two Free Video Game Titles

While PC owners have thrown a good share of flack towards Epic Games for their Epic Games Store. This is mainly due to the lack of features compared to Valve’s Steam marketplace along with Epic Games attempting to gather as many timed exclusives as possible. However, there is a good incentive to sway newcomers to the marketplace and that’s the free video game titles Epic Games provide their users each week. Best of all, this won’t cost the user a dime as both access to Epic Games Store and the video game titles offered weekly are free.

All players need to do is create a free account to the marketplace and from there you can redeem the video game titles that offered for free each week. They won’t stay free so you’ll want to make sure you redeem a copy before they are returned to normal on the marketplace. Once you redeem a copy of the game the video game titles will remain free and available for installation on your account. As a result, there is no reason not to claim the video game titles as they can give you something new to enjoy each week or a backlog of titles to enjoy at a later date.

Likewise, it’s well worth noting that two free video game titles are being offered for free right which is Celeste and Inside. Next week starting on September 5, 2019, players will gain access to The End Is Nigh and Abzu. In the past, we’ve seen a wide assortment of video game titles to enjoy such as Alan Wake, Fez, and Oxenfree.

Source: Epic Games Store