Don’t Expect A Very Lengthy Game With Blair Witch

Blair Witch was a surprising video game announcement during E3 2019 and it’s something that the Bloober Studio is preparing to release this month. We’re gearing up towards its launch and that may have some wondering just how much time they need to set aside for this upcoming title. Luckily, if you’re short on time and want something to enjoy throughout a weekend then you may find yourself in luck with Blair Witch. This upcoming horror title will take players about a total of six hours to finish up.

The news comes Barbara Kciuk, the writer behind the Blair Witch video game. Speaking with Venture Beat, we got some interesting tidbits of information for this upcoming horror game, but as expected, plenty is left in the dark for players to uncover upon release. As mentioned earlier, the question was brought up about how much time players will need to set aside for Blair Witch and while Barbara Kciuk stated that the in-game world offers an open forest area for players to explore, the overall game should take about six hours. That’s, of course, depending on the player and what all they end up exploring within this game.

We didn’t get too many other details for what players will find in this title, but apparently, Bloober Team had some creative control to Blair Witch. Lionsgate was helpful by providing details of Blair Witch by adding some lore and explaining some of the history of this spooky legend though the development team was able to build upon it and deliver something unique.

Players don’t have to wait too much longer Blair Witch is set to launch on August 30, 2019, for the PC and Xbox One platforms.

Source: Venture Beat