Death Stranding Exclusivity Still Remains A Mystery

When legendary developer, Hideo Kojima left Konami and introduced his own studio, Kojima Productions, it came with the announcement of Death Stranding. While we’re still receiving plenty of cryptic trailers and footage of the game, one thing had been certain until recently. Death Stranding has been noted as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, but as the phrasing from Sony continues to differ from event to event or just simply speaking with eager fans waiting to play the game, we’re not so certain that PlayStation 4 owners will be the only group able to dive into the upcoming title.

As of right now, there is no official statement on if Death Stranding will see a launch on other platforms anytime soon. During Gamescom, there are banners that list the game as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, but since the reports have begun to run rampant online, there has yet to be any official clear cut statement from Sony as to if this game is a full exclusive release for their current generation platform or if these banners are just older assets used for the game.

The most likely platform for Death Stranding to jump onto outside of Sony’s PlayStation 4 is PC with the PlayStation 4 being just a timed exclusive deal. That’s of course speculation on our part and it’s certainly rumors and guesswork from fans online. Recently we received new gameplay footage of Death Stranding during Gamescom 2019 which we’ll have included in this post along with some screenshots of the game below. For now, Death Stranding is set to launch on PlayStation 4 this November 8, 2019.

Source: Gamerant