Quantic Dream Will Explore Other Genres Soon

Quantic Dream’s is known for several big adventure narrative-focused video game titles. Much like the studio Dontnod Entertainment, Quantic Dream has been persevering with video games like Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human. While these titles have been mainly PlayStation exclusives, the studio has been making a transition with the help of an investor to the studio, NetEase. As a result, the games mentioned above have been tossed onto the PC platform with Detroit: Become Human releasing later this year. Now that the studio has the funds to move away from developing PlayStation exclusives, Quantic Dream is opening to take new risks such as moving to multiple platforms.

Outside of games being put on multiple platforms, Quantic Dreams is aiming to publish games as well. Not only can they publish their own developed titles, but it seems that they are going to publish other studios as well but nothing has been unveiled on that front yet. With the studio making new approaches for the video game industry as a publisher and developer, there may have been some curious as to if the studio would make some new changes on the titles they craft.

Guillaume de Fondaumiere, a co-founder of Quantic Dream stated during Gamescom that they are going to dive into different genres for new game titles they development. Though nothing has been stated just yet so it will be interesting to see just what genre they move to next that is not attached with the narrative-driven storyline. For now, Quantic Dream is prepping their upcoming PC release of Detroit: Become Human which is slated to release sometime in the fall of this year.

Source: US Gamer