The Division’s Tablet Integration Will Be Meaningful

Both current and next-generation titles are getting with the times and including some sort of tablet functionality into gameplay. The pervasion of devices like smart phones and tablets is difficult to ignore, and thankfully, Ubisoft’s The Division is looking to include a second screen in a way that will be beneficial to the gameplay.

Speaking through the Xbox Wire, Game Director Ryan Barnard pushed the idea that this second-screen experience will actually enhance the group experience.

“We are creating a second-screen experience that will be really meaningful for the game. It will be a whole new experience for the group, through simultaneous and asymmetric gameplay between the mobile device and the console/PC game,” Barnard said. “Companion gamers will be able to seamlessly join the game, anywhere they want, as an actual character. The drone is a persistent character that you can level up in gear, weapons and skills. From the team’s stand point, it gives an edge for tactical combat, as well exploration from a bird’s eye view.”

Getting more people involved in the player choice and dynamic endings of The Division could lead to a more immersive experience, but we’ll have to wait until the late 2014 release date to see how it all comes together.