The Division Q&A Explains PvP, Exploration, Player Choice

Ubisoft's E3 demonstration of The Division showed a lot of events a player could participate in and the situations a squad may encounter. While the demo started with a raid of a police station guarded by AI opponents, the infiltrating squad later engage in a firefight against numerous human players. A developer Q&A discussed some of the things shown in the demo and some of the concepts still not yet discussed.

Since The Division combines their single player and multiplayer components, a squad will encounter both computer and human controlled enemies. When answering fan questions from gamescom, game director Ryan Barnard confirmed the inclusion of Player vs. Player combat but could not detail Ubisoft's plans. "Unfortunately we can’t get into too many details yet, other than to say PvP is incredibly important to the game. We were asked how we wanted to do it and we realized that separating it out as a multiplayer wouldn’t make sense."

Players will engage in PvP as they explore the city of Manhattan. While The Division will take place mostly within Manhattan, Barnard does promise that player "will be able to explore other areas in the game."

At the E3, The Division demonstration followed a squad as they re-captured a police station. The squad liberated the officers trapped inside but also restocked any lacking supplies. Barnard then explained that any decisions made throughout the game will ultimately impact the world and will change based on the outcome. "..your actions as a player are very important; the game world will change depending on your actions or inactions."

To read the full Q&A for The Division, you can visit the Ubisoft blog here.