Epic Games Store Now Offering Gnog Completely For Free

Epic Games Store gets plenty of hate from gamers over the lack of select features compared to Steam along with Epic Games quickly striking deals with developers and publishers for upcoming video game titles. These result in likely temporary exclusivity deals in which the title is only available through Epic Games Store for a period of time before its available through other sources like Valve’s Steam storefront. While the company receives plenty of flack, there’s a nice incentive for players to at least create a free account and download the client and that’s the free video game titles offered each week.

Each week Epic Games features a video game title for players to redeem and gain access to forever. There are no strings attached as gamers can simply redeem a copy of the game and install it whenever they feel like giving the game a chance. The video game title is only available for a week at a time and once the week ends a new title is featured for free. The past couple weeks Epic Games Store had offered two free video game titles like this past week which featured For Honor and Alan Wake. This week we’re back to a single video game title which is Gnog, which is a 3D puzzle game.

You’ll want to redeem the game before time is up so don’t wait around too long. In the past Epic Games Store had offered several video game titles such as Limbo, Last Day of June, Rime and Overcooked to name a few. For those of you who have yet to download the client or make an account then we suggest checking out our source below.

Source: Epic Games Store