You’ll Soon See Odds For Big Wins From Loot Boxes In Video Games

The ESA requires Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo publishers to display the odds of winning big from loot boxes. This is a big win for some as loot boxes, in general, have been received rather poorly. We’re sure you’re already familiar with the mechanic as it’s quickly flooded most of the popular video game titles in the market. But we’re going to see some changes take place which may sway some gamers from even attempting to open up a loot box to win something big.

For those not aware, loot boxes are in-game content that gives players access to an assortment of gear. It’s randomized so you’re never aware of what the outcome would be and while it sounds like innocent fun, the problem for most video game titles is that to open a loot box will require actual currency. This has started the discussion as to whether these mechanics are deemed to be gambling because of how gamers are pouring money into these video game titles in hopes of winning something big.

Now the ESA has started a new goal which would require Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft to showcase the odds of winning something decent in a loot crate. We’re not sure if this new addition will have any effect on the players for certain video game titles. At the very least this will give players an alert of the probability of winning something decent from a loot box.

Source: ESA, PlayStation LifeStyle