Remedy Entertainment Still Uncertain What Post-Launch Content Will Be Added To Control

Control is the upcoming video game from Remedy Entertainment. Recently, the video game reached its gold status which means that the studio is ready for games to be manufactured and shipped out. We’re still a couple of weeks away from Control officially launching, but now that the studio is starting to calm down from the development process, the team will soon have to think of what can be added into the game after launch. One of those elements that is confirmed to be added after launch is a Photo Mode for players to capture in-game scenes.

Recently, Remedy Entertainment’s Communications Director, Thomas Puha, answered questions sent from fans to IGN and some were about the post-launch plans for Control. While the development team is already planning on a Photo Mode, it’s been confirmed that there will not be a New Game Plus option. According to Thomas Puha, this purely due to the lack of resources.

There is going to be a much-deserved break from the development team after Control officially releases into the market. Once that break is over it’s back to the drawing board to figure what can be added into the title. There are a few aspects that the studio will have to figure out such as if a particular mode sets well within the Control universe they have crafted up.

At any rate, Control is an action-adventure title that follows Jesse Faden, a new director behind Federal Bureau of Control. The FBC is a paranormal investigation team in New York and players are left to clean up an unexpected mess during Jesse’s first day on the job. Control is heading to the marketplace on August 27, 2019, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

Source: IGN