Fangamer Offers Silent Hill Fans Some Gear

Konami hasn’t done too many favors lately. After the split with fame developer Hideo Kojima, fans who were hoping to get a chance in playing Silent Hills was shredded to find that Konami decided to scrap the project. Now this developer is seemingly sitting on the ashes of its remains along with the franchise in general. Despite this, fans and companies still throw together some gear and content for fans of the survival horror series and the latest come from Fangamer.

Fangamer is a merchandise company that aims to deliver video game merchandise that they find to be cool. Just over ten years old, this company has been working on several video game franchise based merch which includes Persona, Celeste, Katamari Damacy, and now their latest being Silent Hill. There’s a total of five items up for pre-order. Gamers interested in some Silent Hill merch can pre-order the vinyl soundtracks for Silent Hill along with Silent Hill 2, graphic shirts, and a pin that resembles the chained door from Silent Hill 4.

You’ll want to take note that the link below to Fangamer is not affiliated, we’re just looking to spread the word of some Silent Hill gear. In other Konami news, E3 2019 viewers at home were alerted that during a Twitch livestream, Konami had a surprise announcement. While most were hoping something along the lines of Silent Hill or Metal Gear Solid, the company instead revealed the miniature TurboGrafx-16.

Source: Fangamer, Bloody Disgusting