Sony Pushes Out New PS Vita Update To Prevent Exploits

The PlayStation Vita was a bit of a failure on Sony’s part. Intended to be the successor to the PlayStation Portable, the PlayStation Vita did not gather a massive community and as a result, video game support essentially halted. As a result, Sony pulled the plug on the PlayStation Vita manufacturing but today we’ve received a new update. Don’t expect anything big with this update as it’s just an attempt at stopping the recent exploit process.

Gamers who own a PlayStation Vita may have noticed the exploit process that allowed gamers to have access to unofficial video game titles and homebrew software. This is something that Sony is hoping to prevent and that was the intended goal with the 3.71 update. Gamers who are wanting to still use the Trinity exploit will want to hold off on updating but those that already updated will likely not have a very long wait period before another exploit is released. This is typically a cat and mouse type game with exploiters and official manufacturers like Sony.

So while manufacturing has come to an end with the PlayStation Vita and fewer video game titles are releasing, it still seems that Sony is offering some support, even if it’s not the support most community members of the PS Vita are hoping for. At any rate, we’re curious as to how long this type of support will be around for the PS Vita. In other news, it was recently rumored that we’ll soon get the very last PlayStation Vita game within this coming year.

Source: Reddit, PlayStation LifeStyle