Project Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story Could Be The Last PS Vita Game Released

Let’s be honest, some of you probably already forgotten about the PS Vita, it was the successor to Sony’s PlayStation Portable. In a lot of ways, the Sony PS Vita made some great improvements over the PSP, but it still didn’t get the audience attention that Sony had hoped for. Instead, the platform production was discontinued in March of this year. With that said, there are still some video game titles that are releasing for the system, it’s just nowhere near the volume that would cause gamers to go out and pick up a PS Vita from retailers online. Of course, if you already own a PS Vita and are keeping track of new game releases, you may want to prepare as the last game for this system may have just been confirmed.

After its release in 2011, the PlayStation Vita may have the last video game launch in 2020. This news comes from a Kickstarter as a development team made an update on their upcoming video game release, Project Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story. This is a 2.5D horror game that was developed with inspiration from both the Fatal Frame and Clock Tower series. The game is not out yet as the developers are pushing back the launch until early 2020. This would allow more time to polish the game and make improvements where possible.

With any delay, it can be a letdown for gamers, but it could be concerning for those who backed the project for a platform that is quickly on its way out the door. As a result, the developers made sure to note that the game is still slated for a launch on the PS Vita. Everything they have access to states that they will make the cutoff for the PS Vita, but it will apparently be very close. In fact, the developers stated that this game could be the very last game to release on the PS Vita.

Source: VGR, Kickstarter