Spider-Man Beats Batman For Best Selling Superhero Game

Marvel’s Spider-Man was a massive hit and it’s a great title well worth exclusive to own the PlayStation 4 platform. The game was such a hit that it has officially become the biggest superhero video game outselling Batman: Arkham City. That’s right, the Dark Knight, which has remained on top of the charts has finally been dethroned As a result, a big congratulations go out to the development team Insomniac Games.

The NPD reports are in and with it comes the exciting announcement that Marvel’s Spider-Man has now become the best-selling superhero video game within the United States. This video game follows Peter Parker after he’s been the web-slinging hero for a few years. Developers Insomniac Games crafted up a new storyline in which Peter comes face-to-face with a new villain of New York City, Mr. Negative. While the game not only offers a decent campaign to follow, there is an open world for players to explore and random events to take care of. Likewise, since the game released, developers crafted up a story-based DLC known as Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps.

While Insomniac Games was responsible for Marvel’s Spider-Man, there has been no word on if this IP will receive a followup title. Instead, the only game being worked on that is known from the studio is a VR title known as Stormland for the Oculus Rift platform. Regardless, even if the game didn’t receive an official announcement, a sequel is likely already in the works thanks to the success of the first installment. With that said, if you have yet to try Marvel’s Spider-Man then you can check out our Before You Buy episode upload on the game posted above.

Source: NPD, PlayStation LifeStyle