Nintendo Unveils Revised Nintendo Switch

We’ve been hearing rumors a lot these past few months about the Nintendo Switch lineup. There were talks of a Nintendo Switch coming out which would be cheaper and smaller likewise a new updated pro version of the system. Recently, that cheaper version was officially revealed and Nintendo is calling it the Nintendo Switch Lite. It’s essentially a smaller version of the Nintendo Switch that lacks detachable Joy-Cons along with being unable to connect through a television dock system. However, we now have a new Nintendo Switch console revision announcement to share.

Nintendo updated their product page to unveil the new revised Nintendo Switch. Don’t expect too many bells and whistles here as the only improvement gamers will receive with this updated console is longer battery life. The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console platform as gamers can enjoy it docked with the gameplay showing up on a television display or take it on-the-go for portable gaming. The original Nintendo Switch only offers up to six hours of battery life and it depends on the console settings and the game you’re playing as you may end up with less than three solid hours of battery life before the console powers down.

The new battery will offer up to nine hours which is a decent bump but likely not something that would cause current Nintendo Switch owners to seek out the updated console version. We’re also not sure if this is the pro version as well that has been rumored about for the past few months. It seems that there would be a few more updates to the console before it would be dubbed a pro version.

Currently, this updated version is said to launch in August of this year and will be replacing the old stock. Likewise, this console will still run the same $299.99 price tag so you may not even realize that you have a revised model if you’re a new owner of the Nintendo Switch this coming month.

Source: Nintendo, GameSpot