Full Gears 5 Escalation Match Footage Watch Here

This past weekend there was the ELEAGUE Gears Summer Invitational where teams gathered to compete in a live tournament. Featured within this tournament was Gears 5 and its game mode is known as Escalation. We got a small look at Escalation during E3 2019 but if you wanted to get a bit more footage then this weekend was full of content featuring the game mode. In a recent YouTube upload, we can check out the full game match of Escalation thanks to YouTube uploader Landan2006. This game still looks like it will be fluid and fast-paced just as before and if you haven’t been sold yet on picking the game up at launch, perhaps this gameplay footage will help out when making that decision.

Escalation mode is making a return in Gears 5 but it does come with a few changes. The biggest is a new limited respawn option where players have a total of five respawns until halftime where the respawns are then replenished. This is still a domination style game mode where the goal is to capture the noted points of interest on the map but now with the limited respawns, a new element is added into the game. Gamers can win the match by controlling the points of the map but they can also secure a quick victory by eliminating the entire opposing team.

We imagine that there will be a bit of learning curve into this game mode for players to go through as managing your respawns will add an element of strategy. There’s always the possibility of running out of lives quickly in this game mode which could turn the rounds into more of a team deathmatch scenario until halftime hits. At any rate, you can view the full game match from this past weekend up above.

As for the campaign in Gears 5, we know that the story will focus on Kait Diaz who is of locust descent. Your journey will follow Kait as she figures out family origins which you can do both alone or through cooperative gameplay with a friend. Gears 5 will launch for the PC and Xbox One platform on September 10, 2019.

Source: YouTube