Final Fantasy VII Remake Not Coming To Xbox One

Ever since it was revealed to be in the works, fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Final Fantasy VII Remake. This was a beloved video game RPG from the series when it released on the original PlayStation and the remake so far has been appealing to both veterans along with newcomers to the series. We’ve already heard that the game would be coming to the PlayStation 4 but recently there were some reports going online that stated the title would also come out on the Microsoft Xbox One platform. If you were holding out hope that these reports were real then we hate to bust the bubble for you, but they’re not.

This shred of news originated from the official Xbox Facebook page in Germany where a post stated that the Final Fantasy VII Remake would release alongside the PlayStation 4. That was an internal mistake apparently and Square Enix has not confirmed that the game would come out outside of any other platform at the moment. It wouldn’t be too surprising to see it launch on other platforms after the initial release of the PlayStation 4 but we’re of course just speculating right now. In the meantime, it looks like you’ll need a PlayStation 4 to enjoy Final Fantasy VII Remake.

It’s worth pointing out that the game has some ways to go before its ready to release within marketplaces around the world. Currently, Final Fantasy VII Remake is not slated to launch until March 3, 2020. If you have yet to see the latest demo footage shown off from E3 2019 then take a look at the video embedded above.

Source: VGC, Gamerant