The Latest NES Game Additions For Nintendo Switch Announced

Nintendo, much like Microsoft and Sony, offers players free video game titles to enjoy monthly. However, unlike the competition, Nintendo only offers a few free video game titles that were previously available decades ago. In the Nintendo Switch platform, gamers can gain access to a growing catalog of Nintendo Entertainment System video games. These are some of the more classic titles that came out decades ago and today we’re finding out about the upcoming games coming out this month. If you’re enjoying the online subscription service for the NES games then get ready for two more titles.

This month Nintendo will be adding Donkey Kong 3 and The Wrecking Crew which is coming on July 17. The video games will be available with the other titles previously released from Nintendo, but only if you are a current subscriber to the Nintendo Switch Online service. These two titles also come with a brand new feature known as Rewind which will give players the ability to quickly rewind the gameplay at any given moment. As you likely already know, the video games released years ago on the NES were not always the easiest to get through and offers a limited amount of lives before players would have to start completely over. Nintendo is offering a few means to give players extra chances and opportunities to finish the games in a more timely matter.

Of course, we’ve also seen some criticism online about the selection of video game titles Nintendo offers online subscribers. Most find that the NES games are just too dated to be the only free monthly games to be offered. Instead, it would likely offer a bigger incentive for new subscribers if other platforms from Nintendo would be represented in the online subscription. With that said, we haven’t seen anything to indicate that Nintendo is ready to bring in new games into the mix but we’ll, of course, keep you updated on the very latest.

Source: GameSpot