New ROE: Vigil Footage Shows Off Development Progress

During the mid-1990s, there were a few survival horror franchises that paved the way for future IPs. The biggest arguably being Resident Evil from development studio Capcom. Those early titles are played quite different in terms of gameplay mechanics in comparison to the latest video game releases. Instead of the more analog control schemes we’re used to enjoying, gamers instead dealt with directional pad controls that are now referred to tank controls. Likewise, unlike some of the other attempts at survival horror, players are used to dealing with limited storage systems, fewer ammo drops, a maze-like map and even fixed camera points.

If you were hoping to see some resurgence of that style of gameplay outside of just the Resident Evil 2 remake then you may be delighted to know that another title is turning some heads. We’re referring to Residence of Evil: Vigil, a game being developed by fans using Unreal Engine 4. In a lot of ways it takes those very aspects we referred to earlier and offers gamers a new title similar to the original Resident Evil video game.

In this title, there will be four different characters that come packed with their own unique styles and attributes in a new story. This game doesn’t have a release date attached to the project quite yet but you can expect it to release on the PC for free and potentially console platforms at a later date. For now, a new gameplay footage upload was released to showcase how far the developers are with the game along with some new details in general about what you can expect. Take a look at the footage embedded above along with some screenshots of the title below.

Source: Bloody Disgusting