Xbox One Accessories Will Be Compatible With Microsoft’s Upcoming Console

Microsoft is still keeping a tight lid on the upcoming video game console. Project Scarlett was teased off a bit last year during E3 and this year we got a few more little tidbits about the upcoming console. For instance, it looks like you’ll already have video game titles and accessories readily available to be enjoyed on the system. If you didn’t get a chance to enjoy Project Scarlett’s little highlight during the Microsoft E3 2019 press conference, you can check it out along with other past conferences from this year right here.

As mentioned, the upcoming Project Scarlett already has video games readily available for it. Microsoft has crafted the system to be able to play Xbox One video games which means you’ll be able to enjoy your currently owned video games right when the system launches next year. Furthermore, it was unveiled that Project Scarlett would also allow gamers to use their Xbox One accessories.

We’re not sure if Microsoft will allow every accessory released for the Xbox One system to connect onto the upcoming console or if it’s first-party only.

For instance, we already know that the upcoming Xbox Elite Controller 2 which will be releasing for the Xbox One, will also connect to the Project Scarlett system. As a result, its likely all controllers Microsoft has released for the Xbox One will work with the new system. This will come to some relief for some gamers who opted to create a custom-designed Xbox One controller through Microsoft and it could be an indicator that the upcoming console will not have too may drastically different features to set it apart from the current generation platform.

Source: Eurogamer