Microsoft Confirms Halo Infinite Will Release For Xbox One Platform

With the upcoming console generation upon us and Microsoft teasing more of their Project Scarlett release, there was some concern that the anticipated upcoming Halo title may not actually launch on the Xbox One platform. Halo Infinite was given a proper highlight during Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference. It was receiving plenty of applause from the audience to see that Master Chief will be taking on another battle next year and we got a decent length game announcement trailer. Now that we’re gearing up for its upcoming release, we can put away the speculation that Halo Infinite is launching purely as a Project Scarlett only exclusive.

If you’re a big Halo fan and wanted to enjoy the game without jumping onto the next console generation then you’re in luck. Halo Infinite will be launching on Xbox One and PC platforms along with the upcoming Microsoft console. This shred of news comes from the Xbox Wire as the editor-in-chief from the Xbox blog made note of the platforms this game will be releasing on.

We’re still in the dark about the events that happened prior to the trailer. All we know is that Master Chief was recovered among space wreckage. From there it was alerted that humanity has lost but it’s just the news Chief needed to hear in order to push through and bring back the fight.

As it stands right now Halo Infinite will be launching during the Holidays of 2020 so we expect plenty more information to come out.

Source: Xbox Wire, GameSpot