Watch Dogs Legion Gameplay Footage Revealed

Ubisoft kicked the press conference off with the reveal of Watch Dogs. This trailer showcased some gameplay footage that reveals whatever character we play as will be susceptible of permadeath. As a result, you’ll have to adapt to the situation with another character recruited during your adventure.

Likewise, this game will be based around London this time around. The game world follows harsh riots and strict government control. This is where DedSec comes into play and attempts to free up the restraints that were placed on civilians. Stealth and using tech towards your advantage seems to still play a big role with this upcoming installment which was evident in the gameplay mission showcased. Within the mission, DedSec is attempting to locate and recruit someone that is skilled with drone hacking.

As mentioned, the big component to this game seems to be around recruiting and building up the resistance. You’ll be able to hack personal identities to see various skill sets beforehand and determine if the NPC is actually worth recruiting or turning into a playable protagonist down the road. What we’re wondering now is how deep will the various attributes and animations will vary. Likewise, it’s unknown if every character will automatically join in and if so, what would happen when you deplete each character from the roster.

Regardless, we have time to digest the new game announcement and for Ubisoft to share more information about Watch Dogs Legion as the game does not hit the marketplace until March 6, 2020.

Source: E3 Ubisoft