Halo Infinite Confirmed For Fall 2020

When we entered E3 2018 for Microsoft, we got a very small look at Halo Infinite. It was just enough to make note that the video game was in development from 343 Industries. However, after a year has passed and Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference wrapped, we now have a brand new trailer and some information regarding when the game will finally release into the market. In conjunction with the new upcoming video game console from Microsoft which is still just being called Project Scarlet, we know that Halo Infinite will be launching alongside.

The teaser showcase a random NPC who is seemingly stuck in space with a dying craft. Our unnamed character was forced to maintain repairs in order to survive until he comes across Master Chief. Bringing him back to the land of the living after his suit went into survival mode, we know that Chief is still alone with a missing Cortana AI, a character in which Halo 5: Guardians was primary focusing on. Now after some time has passed, it seems that humanity has lost. Despite the news, Master Chief gears up once again and prepares for another battle.

So far the trailer is really all we have about the game so far. But, Microsoft did make note that Halo Infinite will be launching sometime in the fall of 2020. If you have yet to check out the new trailer then take a look at it embedded up above.

Source: E3 Microsoft